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No Such Thing as a Good Night's Sleep?

This title represents a common affirmation that many people, especially the elderly and sick, swear by. It sounds like a dreadful prediction, but elderly people, diabetes patients, and other individuals that must remain in bed for long periods of time for any number of reasons, have to settle for continuous discomfort and sleepless nights.

When they have to remain in the hospital, it can be simply unbearable, but once the patient leaves the medical facility and goes home, most certainly his or her family will move heaven and earth to find the best home care to make sure their loved one is well cared for during this special time of vulnerability.

Sadly, many of the elderly and sick have to live the rest of their lives, or most of it, confined to their beds. The job of home care providers is to ensure the patient's needs are met satisfactorily while they remain in a familiar and loving place, where they are comfortable and appreciated.

Home care services vary widely and include many options. There are services that include helping with the cleaning, cooking, and shopping; others care for patients with feeding tubes, oxygen machines, and catheters, but, whatever the case, bedridden patients will benefit greatly from the expert help of a professional caregiver.

It is already hard enough to have to spend your life, or most of it, in bed, and if someone has the opportunity to heal or remain at home, they shouldn't be deprived of it. By finding caring home care professionals; an elderly or sick person's family can have some peace of mind knowing that their loved one will receive all the attention he or she needs and deserves.

Any extra equipment needed to improve the patient's comfort, for example, a special bed, a mattress overlay, a portable commode, and oxygen machines, among others, can be rented or purchased from medical supply companies.

There are several essential guidelines that any professional home care provider must follow when tending to bedridden patients:

  • The caregiver has to make the patient feel comfortable, safe, and clean 24/7.
  • The caregiver should look for ways to entertain the patient. He or she could read to them, watch TV with them, do puzzles, play cardgames, encourage visitors, and engage in stimulating conversation.
  • The caregiver has to provide solid support for the patient's back and something to brace and/or raise his or her feet.
  • The caregiver has to feed the patient a balanced diet, strictly following the doctor's orders in regards to any dietary restriction.
  • The caregiver should ensure the patient drinks lots of liquid throughout the day, and that he or she eats healthy snacks when hungry, if the doctor permits it.
  • The caregiver has to change the bed sheets regularly or as often as needed.
  • The caregiver must move the patient regularly, during day and night, if he or she is not able to do so alone. This is vital, otherwise the patient will get bed sores, something to be avoided. This task normally involves both persons, the patient and the caregiver, waking up in the middle of the night, and at several times, preventing them from having a good night's sleep and diminishing their quality of life. But there is a better way. Consider a mattress overlay, a turning system that works wonders to improve the quality of everyone's nights.

In any case, if you have a loved one who requires specialized home care, do your homework, and research several agencies that provide home care. Ensure the caregiver is bonded and that the agency you contacted has workers' compensation coverage.

These services may be expensive; however your loved one's quality of life and your peace of mind are well worth it. But if you definitely can't afford them, there are excellent options that may support you in taking care of your loved one yourself.

Your bedridden family member will finally be able to sleep well at night with The Völkner® Turning System. This is a mattress overlay system that automatically turns the patient every 4, 5, or 6 minutes, eliminating the need for manual turning except to treat wounds, for bowel programs, and personal care.

The mattress overlay design is based on a German design by Dr. med. Helmut Völkner that consisted of a double row of air cells, side by side, divided in the center to provide pressure relief along the central axis of the body. Two air hoses connected the air cells to a control unit that contained microprocessors and an air pump. The air cells were enclosed in a foam-filled vinyl cover. It was lightweight, modular, and portable.

The patient was positioned on the center of the unit on his or her back. The mattress overlay design didn't allow any pressure to be applied on the patient's spine. Each side of the air cells was inflated and deflated alternately, turning the patient gently from one side to the other up to thirty degrees.

Among the benefits of this mattress overlay for the patient are:

  • Treats and prevents pressure sores.
  • Therapy for existing Stages I through V pressure sores, and skin flap surgery.
  • Eliminates manual turning of the patient.
  • Turning action helps prevent pulmonary congestion.
  • Patented design eliminates pressure on the spinal column.
  • Frequent automatic positioning promotes healing in a short period of time.
  • Reduces skin interface pressure.
  • Comfortable gradual turning action.
  • Low friction cover surface reduces skin shear.
  • Gentle continuous low air loss airflow won't dehydrate skin or moist skin dressings.
  • Quilted two-way stretch cover is breathable but fluid proof.
  • Side bolsters prevent possible patient slippage.
  • Patented design allows individual comfort adjustments for patient's height and weight.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Improves sleep, better emotional outlook for patient and caregiver.
  • Increases appetite, improving nutrition for the patient.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Can be used in a van or SUV with an inverter, allowing the patient to travel.

There are many other general, nursing, and financial benefits of the Völkner® mattress overlay that you can see for yourself.

Feel free to visit our website, check our company, our philosophy, the wide array of products we offer, how the system works, and basically, everything you need to know to before you contact us with your order.

We care because we understand how much you care. Help your loved one have a good night's sleep for the first time in a long time.